The song a siren sings

Who am I?
Rebecca Fico, daughter of Samantha and Eric, Granddaughter of Barbara and John.

What am I?
Short. Petite. Young. Curly. Bony. Blue Green. Enthusiastic. Loud. Unfiltered. Reckless. Passive. Romantic. Emotional. Strong. Independent. Musical. Theatrical. Over dramatic. Avante Garde. Near sighted. Suprising. Over Giving. Obsessed. Leech. Hardworking. Fast. Careful. Currently Single.
What do I like?
Art. Music. Theatre. Fashion. Caffeine. Peaches. Chai tea. Cotton Candy. Chopsticks. Stringed instruments. Spoons. Hourglasses. Sprites. Dead Roses. Cherry blossoms. Fans. Skeleton keys. Bats. Seahorses. Pigs. Mushrooms. Rollercoasters. Horror Films. Butterflies. Pleated skirts. Hearts. Storms. Skulls and crossbones. Antiques.

Seriously? Who cares if it’s really busy? Who cares if there’s no reservations? I didn’t have a summer vacation and I wanted to spend my favorite holiday in my favorite place with the man I love, but okay whatever that’s fine, we can sit at home and be lame country folk that don’t go anywhere and do exciting things. In fact I don’t ever want to share my favorite parts of New York with him ever because he was lame and gave up on something epic just because his friends told him it would be difficult to do the things I had wanted to. And my love for this holiday will now forever be a hatred. I’m sorry jack, I let you down. I did my best. I’m sorry

~Chasing Imagination~

Paint me in maroon

Ravage me in Red

I’m running with this intensive drive inside my head

All this built up joy

For someone fictional 

The dance of this melody

the joy of this art

hastily sewing up my heart

The idea of knowing its not real

doesnt hinder my way

I can live in this dream

this infinite chase



he feels for me

even if there are things

i cannot see.

~Smile Not Included~

This medicine is wearing down

And my tolerance for pain is wearing thin

and I can only protect whats left within

This door I cannot break it down

if you wont let me in

why wont you let me in?

Is it my hair, 

my voice, 

my wonky smile,

my obnixous laughter

that echoes for a while

is it that im a leech

a vampire

a siren

a pest

could i really be the worst?

i know im not the best

i dont understand

this confusion is maddening

the pain ongoing

hypothesize whats happening

adjusting my tie

and standing up

thats fine

you see, ive had enough

i will be there when you need my help

but im getting used to this dusty shelf

will i recognize your faces?

will you remember my name?

im getting tired of these redundant charades

its fine its fine

 no need to change

i see how dull i apparently am these days

i bring nothing to the table

im nothing to see

i understand that almost no one wants me

oh i wont ignore you

but dont expect me to adore you

after the evil mindless deeds you continue in

ill be there to help 

if you try to as well

but i think thats all there really is

i feel a facade 

that you turned on

and now im fine with turning away

i dont want to spend time

or sit by your side

and smiling is not included in this frame

“There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.”

~Lick The Sky~

 through these starry lights

on this fast, free night 

I sit by you

and want to lick the sky

holding your hand

antique metal bands

even with heels 

you make it easy to stand

voices in harmony

the joy of you next to me

with the city and the speed

the darkness is comforting

i adore thee

the way that you treat me

and the fact that youre not afraid

to really see me